3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Customers Away From The Competition

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Another Business Wants Your Customers: 3 Simple Ways to Keep Them in Your Pocket

A lot of businesses are only interested in acquiring new customers. Most of them don’t bother putting any money into keeping the clients they already have. That’s one of the biggest mistakes any business could make in the economy of today. That’s because it’s a lot more cost-effective to get a return buyer than to find a brand new one. Your competitors understand that, and they’ll gladly take every customer that you ignore long enough. Here are three simple ways that you can keep your client base and make more money from the customers you already have.


1. Follow Up After Every Purchase

The best time to convince a customer to make another purchase is immediately after they buy. It works great for selling new cars, and it can work great for your business, too. Everyone understands how important it is to up-sell on extra features, but that window of opportunity is a lot wider than you think. You’ve got to start thinking beyond the initial purchases and think about what happens after they walk out the door.

Return customers are the backbone of every successful business. That’s why you should always have a systematic method of following up with every paying customer. One of the best rules of thumb is to contact each buyer on a 21-day rotation. Every three weeks you should find a way to get on their radar. A simple newsletter in the mail can work wonders, but there are lots of ways you can stay on your customer’s mind. You can send out a promotion or just keep them up to date with an email. The goal is to stay on their minds and never let them forget about your business.

2. Use a Reward Program

Customer rewards work great for online businesses. It’s very common with bookstores and high-volume products. Just give a special offer to customers when they reach a certain milestone. It’s similar to giving an order discount. For example, if they buy 10 products, then you might give them one for free. If they spend $200, then you could offer free shipping on the order. Those are two ways to make a customer buy more right now, but what you want to do is motivate them to come back again.

You can create that incentive with a rewards points program. In the ideal scenario, you give them points on their account for every purchase and you let them redeem those points on the next order. That’s the key. You want them to get their reward on the following order. That way they’ll be far more likely to fall into the pattern of buying over and over again from you.

3. Deliver More Than What’s Expected

The absolute best way to win lifelong clients is during the closing of the sales process. If a customer walks away feeling that you truly understand their wants, then they’ll be more loyal to your business. Now, you can pull that off with a decent sales team, but not every business has dedicated sales agents. If you’re running a restaurant, then you can theoretically train your staff to be a miniature sales-force. But, what do you do when you run an online drop-shipping business? The customer usually doesn’t talk to anybody in person when ordering online.

It’s a breeze. All you have to do is include something extra that wasn’t advertised. It’s a genius move that many successful online entrepreneurs of the past have used for decades. Just throw in something extra, and add a little note explaining why you did it. Let them know that you appreciate their business. Be sure to stay within your cost-effective range. As long as you are significantly under your current new client acquisition cost, then you’re probably going to see a significant increase in overall purchase orders before long.

Will You Let Competitors Steal Your Clients?

Your business will be the toughest competition to beat when you put these three simple tips into action. Always follow up with your customers every 21 days. Find new ways to motivate your customers to make more purchases with you in the future. Focus on getting multiple orders instead of big orders. Most importantly of all, build customer loyalty by giving more than they expect from you. Put these plans to work immediately, and outperform your competitors almost instantly.

Are you looking for the edge on how you stay one step ahead of your competition? Contact Twinning Pros for a consultation, or hire us for the day! We know business, and can come up with the strategy you need to stay in touch with your audience and acquire new customers. 

Customer Competiton FAQ

What are some effective ways to keep customers loyal to my business?

Some effective ways to keep customers loyal to your business include offering exceptional customer service, providing unique and valuable products or services, consistently delivering high-quality experiences, regularly communicating and engaging with customers, and building personal relationships with your customers.

How can I offer unique and valuable products or services that set me apart from the competition?

To offer unique and valuable products or services, you can conduct market research to understand the needs and preferences of your target audience, identify gaps in the market, and find opportunities to offer solutions that meet those needs better than your competitors. You can also regularly evaluate and improve your products or services to ensure they stay relevant and meet the changing needs of your customers.

How can I consistently deliver high-quality experiences to my customers?

Consistently delivering high-quality experiences to your customers requires paying attention to every detail of the customer experience, from the first interaction to post-purchase follow-up. This can involve continuously training and educating your employees on the best practices for customer service, regularly gathering feedback from customers, and continuously improving and refining your processes and systems to ensure that you are delivering the best possible experience to your customers. Additionally, regularly communicating with customers and building personal relationships with them can also help build loyalty and keep them coming back.


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