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What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the method of managing content and interactions and brand listening across social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and, LinkedIn. It’s vitally important to your online presence and your brand.

You could say that Social Media Management is a system that has four elements: Creating, Scheduling, Analyzing, and Engaging with users and their content on the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course Pinterest.


Creating Social Media Posts With Social Media Management

No matter which social platform you are on, its elements are very visual. You need to create social media posts that can grab a user’s attention at a moments notice, whether that be a large image with a catchy text line or a funny video: you need to break out your creative side to catch the eye of the busybody located behind the mobile phone, tablet, or computer. If you’re not sure what topics are trending you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to see what’s trending and analyze content by creator or category. Using Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is the best for creating images, but if you are a beginner in the social media creation world, using a tool such as Canva can really take your social media posts to the next level. If you’re looking to create infographics using a tool like easel.ly can make the process of creating infographics a whole lot easier.


Schedule Your Content With Social Media Management
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The first thing that comes to mind as a business owner when it comes to social media is I don’t have the time to post. Well, I have news for you, my friend! This great digital age we live in has come up with the world’s greatest technology and that is Social Media Scheduling tools! There are several apps that allow you to schedule your social media posts far in advance, and a little late we will go into Social Media Management Software that combines all of the best tools when it comes to Social Media Management. Here are a few FREE social media management scheduling tools:

  • Hootsuite – 3 profiles, schedule 30 posts in advance, create contests – no mobile app
  • Buffer – Manage 3 profiles, schedule 10 posts in advance, mobile app, image creator, GIF uploader
  • Tweetdeckfor twitter only. Create timelines, manage lists, and add team accounts.

There are a few free mobile apps to visually schedule and plan Instagram posts, those include[e:


Analyze the Data with Social Media Management

If you are putting the content out there, you need to see what is working. Social Media Platforms have business tools integrated with their systems that allow you to find out information like when is the best time to post, what is your ideal audience, are they male or female, and what location they live in. That way when you start creating more social media campaigns you can make sure they are targeted at the right audience.


Social Media does not work if you are not social. Making sure to engage with most if not all comments on your social pages is critical to being on Social Media. Not only that, but you need to make sure to start connecting with other users in other groups to get them to start connecting with YOU which will, in turn, start connecting with your brand. This is where having a Social Media Manager is critical.

What is a Social Media Manager?

Tiffany with Twinning Pros - Social Media Manager
Tiffany with Twinning Pros| Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager Is someone that manages all of the creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with users and content on Social Media for you. They can review your analytics, monitor your business/brand name online and listen to see if good or bad things are being said, and they can collaborate with their team members who are all proficient in the language of Digital Marketing to decide what is the best course for your Social Media Journey. Most business owners whether you are a mom-n-pops shop or you own a large corporation, you’re too busy running your business to have to worry about Social Media.

But, I have news for you, my friend. If you do not have a Social Media Page for your business, you are missing out. Not just on engagements, but on more business! The future of Digital Marketing is taking an Omni-Channel approach which means you need all of the help you can get to ensure a seamless shopping experience to your current or potential customers when it comes to online and even in-store shopping.

How much does Social Media Management Cost?

This question is not so easily answered as every business is different and will receive a different quote based on the needs of their business. Some of the factors include:

  • Size of business – Local or National? One office or 5?
  • Number of Social Media accounts to be Social on – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube
  • How many posts per day – You should always post different information on each platform in order to get users engaging with your brand across all platforms.
  • Analytics – Simple analytics data or complex? How much do you want to know personally?
  • Level of Engagement – Are you engaging with your customers, or would you like us to?

If you want a tailored quote for your business just send us an email at info@twinningpros.com with the information listed above and we will be happy to send you a personalized quote. We encourage you to learn more about Twinning Pros Social Media Management.

Social Media Management Tools

If you are looking to go-it-alone, you are going to want to check out the latest Social Media Management tools. While it cannot create the content for you, it can manage most of the Social Media Management process such as scheduling, listening, and analyzing your social data. Some of the best Social Media Management tools out there are:

Either one of these tools can really up to your Social Media Management game. They can allow you to schedule your posts in advance, interact with your followers from their dashboard, and analyze the data from a post or category. It can really change the way you think about Social Media. You can also use a tool such as fanpage karma to not only analyze your social media following but your competitors as well.

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