Twinning Pros is a local company with national reach. Although we are always just one click away – our home bases are in Covington, LA, and Destin, FL.  If you aren’t in one of these locations, have no fear! We have the tools to help you and your business be successful no matter where you are located!

Digital Marketing Locations

Our Hometown!

We are currently helping clients in

Covington & the greater New Orleans area!

We’re not just here to hang at the beach.

Twinning Pros is here to work hard

and grow your reach!

good things to know

Do you have to meet Face to Face?

Actually, no! We are a Digital Marketing Company after all! We can do telephone conferences, and for other meetings, we can do via video conference using Zoom!

Do we have to pay before setting up a meeting?

Absolutely not. We offer a no-commitment, FREE consultation where we will meet with you to discover your goals for your business and how we can help you get there. 

Do you offer ghost blogging?

For those of you reading this question that does not know what Ghost blogging is: its writing blogs without taking the credit. Leaving the ownership to the company we wrote it for. 

The answer is yes. We are great bloggers, and we have no problem giving you all the credit. No back-links to our page will be given and the post will be completely organic. 

Where are your locations?

We are located in Covington, LA – Destin, FL – New Orleans, LA and can meet at any other location upon appointment-only.

What Digital Marketing Services Do you offer?

We offer a variety of Digital Marketing Services such as Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO Audit Services. 

Do you have any digital marketing packages?

After having your FREE consultation we will go over what services we recommend. While all of our services go hand-in-hand we know it can be a lot to take on at once.

We will talk to you about your goals and concerns and then come up with a Digital Marketing Strategy completely tailored to your business.


Twinning Pros does not believe in one-size-fits-all when it comes to Digital Marketing, because each business is different.

We know which professions need to focus on which platforms to start – and as you grow we can continue to help you grow with our other services.

We believe in giving you the things you want and staying away from the things you don’t.

Shoud I get Paid Ads or build up my SEO?

Here at Twinning Pros We believe in both! The more times you can be seen by your audience (that have search intent) the better. 

If we had to choose 1 it would be SEO. Organic search results on the first page of Google generally get about 70% of the traffic for the keyword. 

BUT a lot of times Paid Ads can give you the boost you need to be at the top while we build on your Search Engine Optimization rankings. 

 SEO is worth the investment, once you get at the top and continue with your SEO strategy its hard to lose those rankings. 

Do I have to create the content myself for social media?

Not if you don’t want to! With our professional Social Media Management, we can provide the content including the post itself, hashtag research, and we can even create the media for you.  Our packages are customizable to what your needs!

If you have your own photos that you prefer us to use – that is 100% fine. Our goal is to keep you on brand and continue to grow your reach increasing your leads and sales. 

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