SEO Audit With Action Plan


If you're looking to improve your website's search engine rankings and drive qualified traffic, an SEO audit may be exactly what you need.

You are frustrated with low levels of website traffic and engagement.
An SEO audit from Twinning Pros can help you identify and address the issues that are holding your website back from reaching its full potential.

Our SEO experts will conduct a thorough review of your website's current SEO practices and provide a detailed report with recommendations for improvement. This report will cover everything from on-page optimization to technical SEO to keyword rankings with your competitors, and will provide actionable steps for increasing your website's visibility and performance.

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You're tired of struggling to get your website to show up on the first page of Google. 

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*starts at $997

+ A personalized SEO audit of your website 
+ Keyword report showing where you currently rank
+ Keyword report for 2 of your top competitors
+ Backlink report for your business 
+ Backlink report for 2 of your top competitors
+ Recording of our Zoom session to watch later
+ A personalized action plan for the SEO steps filled with strategies that will take your site to the next level.

what's included

Get some one-on-one time with us to chat through your individual website issues and SEO questions. In this 60-minute session, you'll gain valuable insights into your website's strengths and weaknesses and be able to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy. With our guidance and support, you can take your website to the next level and drive long-term success.

SEO Audit

In the first month of taking over Pinterest management, a licensed therapist had a 1471% increase in impressions (you read that right!) which resulted in over 100 clicks to her website!

A vacation rental company received over 4,000 interactions with their Instagram reels created by our team in the last 90 days!

A product company had 126% increased engagement with their brand in just 30 days of Instagram management.

Results our clients see...

"I absolutely love working with Twinning Pros! They are so easy to work with and more responsive than any company I have ever worked with! I love how they can take a basic vision and idea and make it into your dream come true. Work is produced efficiently; conversations are easy. The Twinning Pros make my life so much easier! Give them time to just chat, and I'll promise you'll be captivated by their southern charm and passion!" - Brittany B.

"They are so easy to work with and more responsive than any company..."

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You want to generate leads and traffic to your website to increase sales and revenue.

If your website's traffic is as scarce as a needle in a haystack, it's time to call in an SEO audit to help it stand out.

If your business's online presence is lost in the depths of search engine results, it's time to get an SEO audit to help it resurface.  

If your website's search rankings are sinking faster than the Titanic, it's time for an SEO audit from Twinning Pros!

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We've been geeking out in the marketing industry since 2006.

What started out as a fun side hustle helping small businesses in our local Louisiana community with their website design, print media, and search engine optimization turned into something bigger and better than we ever expected.

With our first-hand experience working with big marketing agencies in our corporate roles, and hearing the complaints from small business owners, we knew there was a huge gap that needed to be filled. And that was a marketing agency who offered true transparency, have a quick turn-around, and communicate with business owners in a timely manner.

So we put our two heads together to help out our community, and now we help business owners world-wide build up their online presence through social media marketing, search engine optimization, public relations, review generation, and more.

We're Tiffany & Tabatha, the marketing twins behind Twinning Pros.

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What would it be like if your biz felt as good on the inside as it *looks* on Instagram? 

What if your business could actually get found online without spending $$$ on advertising. That's why we focus on organic marketing.  We are here to help you feel good about your brand and your social media growth!

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Fast facts. . .

The first organic search result gets an average of 31.7% of clicks.


75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results


46% of all Google searches are local


SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.


If your website is lost in the depths of the search results, then its time for an SEO rescue mission from Twinning Pros! As the dynamic duo of the SEO world, we'll conduct a thorough audit of your website to identify any issues that may be holding you back in the rankings. From there, we'll craft a customized plan to get your website back on track and sailing towards the top. And with our playful and creative approach, the whole process will be a whole lot of fun.

Don't let your website sink any further - choose Twinning Pros and get your SEO back on track!

because even google needs a little help sometimes

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