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How much search traffic is your website generating? Do you want to harness the power of Google & other Search Engines?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a process that is focused on becoming more visible on organic or non-paid search engine results. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve your website’s search results rankings. Which in turn increase your website’s traffic. By increasing your traffic can turn to leads which ideally turn into paying customers. It is composed of technical as well as creative elements that are needed for a site to rank higher, for it to have more traffic and site visitors and for more people to become aware of its branding and philosophy. 

What Are The Benefits Search Engine Optimization?

SEO does not require you to pay for Ad Space. While ad campaigns can run for a certain period of time your search results rankings do not. Take any google search for example – you type in your search and then the top 2-3 results are PPC (pay per click ads) while the remaining results are all organic. For those first couple of results the owner of those ad campaigns has to pay for every single person that clicks on the ad. Whether they purchase something or not. But every other space after that is organic searching. While the person who owns those website’s likely invested a significant amount of time and money into creating the pages that are ranking in those spots. They appear on page one because Google’s algorithm thinks they provide value to users. 

The Benefits of SEO

It can help build your brand

Your brand gets found in search engines by answering questions that people are asking it gives your site authority. Being an authority helps build your brand.

An optimized website earns more traffic

When you can get found online at the top of a search engine – people are more likely to click on your site vs. someone who is not ranked in the top 20.

Search Engine Optimization Doesn't require you to pay for Ad space

When you are organically on the front page of a search engine – It’s FREE! Pay-Per-Click is only for Search Engine Ads. 70% of traffic on a keyword goes to the non-paid results.

It Helps Your Target Audience Find Your Site

If you know who your ideal audience is, then you can find keywords to target so that you show up at the top when they search for those specific things!

It Boosts Your Credibility & Authority

When Google, Bing, or Yahoo trusts you enough to be a top listing on their page the more people are going to trust you. When your target audience sees your name in top results – the more credibility your audience will give you.

It Can Help You Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

The best part about Search Engine Optimization is staying one step ahead of the competition. There are tools that you can see what they are ranking for & proper research will tell us if it is a good idea to rank for them as well!


Our Approach

We do things a little differently at Twinning Pros. Our Search Engine Optimization techniques are to first do an SEO Audit. Once we have the audit completed we will have an idea about where you stand against your competition.

From the competitor analysis, we will be able to determine your SEO strategy. Keyword Research, Content, Website Structure, Social Media, On-site, Off-site, and Technical SEO are all a few of the things that go into laying the groundwork for your Action Plan.

The action plan gives you something measurable to keep us accountable 

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