Time and time again I go to check on a website for a client to to do a Social Media Audit and talk to them either about the improvements they could make on their website, SEO, or one of my favorites: social media. They don’t have a Facebook Pixel on their business’ page. Most of them don’t even know what a Facebook Pixel is, or how it could benefit their business. If you are like my clients, with no Pixel on your amazing website this post is for you!

What is the Facebook Pixel?

It’s a piece of code that Facebook creates to put on your website. (The best part about it – this code is completely free!!!)

What does your Business use the Pixel for?

If you are a business running Facebook ads, or even thinking about running Facebook ads – then you really need to start using the Facebook Pixel.

  1. Track conversions – a conversion is a completed action that you want someone to take on your website (lead, inquiry, subscribe to your list)
  2. Optimize ads – Facebook automatically improves your ads so it can show them to more people who are more likely to convert. (Email subscribers)
  3. Facebook retargeting ads – when you show ads to people who have been to your page.

Example: You are checking out something on a site and then as soon as you go and check your page you have that ad for that site right on your Facebook page.

You can also target people that took specific actions on your page: clicked a specific link, searched for an item, subscribed to your email list, or added an item to their shopping cart.

68% of people that add items to their cart don’t actually buy anything. People that are re-targeted have a 70% retention rate, and spend 5x more than the average shopper.

Who doesn’t love closing more customers, without physically having to lift a finger, am I right?! You get the analytics to help manage your audiences for your other ads and you can re-target people that went to your website, and its free? SIGN ME UP!

How do you add the Pixel to your Website?

To get started with the Facebook Pixel: Login to your Facebook Business Manager account. If you don’t have a Facebook Manager account setup yet go to https://business.facebook.com and create one. Then, navigate to the Pixels tab at the top. You can easily create your own Pixel with one click. Then, you can view instructions on how to install the pixel base code and even codes on your website.

Just in case my description doesn’t go into enough detail Oberlo does a great job at explaining it in a short video – I will post the link below.

I could Geek out all day and go into the specifics about the amazing benefits of using the Facebook Pixel and how you are seriously missing out on potential business by not using it. But think of the Facebook Pixel like this: Instead of spending $3,000 a month (at least) on ONE billboard on the highway knowing that 90% of the people passing by are not interested in what you are saying or selling. This is a billboard that is directed for someone who has already showed interest in your business because they were already on your website. When they leave your website, they go back to Facebook – and then are continuously shown your ads on the platform reminding them to come back to your business.

What are some features of the Facebook Pixel?

The Pixel is actually really cool. There are so many things you can do with it & the information it gives you is priceless. You can even go so far as to specializing your ads to re-target off of specific links that they click. If you’re a car dealership & they click on the new 2019 Nissan Altima – when they go back to Facebook, BOOM! Nissan Altima ad.

Life Coach with a new event coming up? Someone clicks on the link of your upcoming dates – BOOM! Ad with your next upcoming event. Want to entice them to come back and ‘shop now’? Offer them a 10% off coupon with an expiration date.

Doesn’t the Facebook Pixel sounds like a tool your business needs?

Facebook Pixel is perfect for your business. bring it up in your next marketing meeting

If you need some help getting your Social Accounts in order – read on!

What is the purpose of a Social Media Audit?

The answer is simple: Your website and your social media accounts go hand in hand. If you don’t have a website that is appealing to your clients/future customers and they don’t see where they can follow your social profiles above the fold (above the fold just means before they have to scroll down on your page). Then you are going to have less people follow your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Doing an audit takes an in depth look at your website and social profiles on all of the major platforms to show what is doing great, what could be improved, and maybe some tools that you never thought of using before.

Why do you want your business to be active on Social Media?

A lot of businesses in the Covington-Greater New Orleans area don’t seem to be very active on their Social Media Business Accounts. Posting maybe once a month, or at best once a week. Studies show that when businesses stay active on their social media accounts, update their information, and generate more content shares tend to rank better than websites that don’t. (Neil Patel)  The more you can get your brand out there in a positive way, it doesn’t hurt!

Here are some ways that you can stay active on Social Media

social media marketing in covington

Being active on Social Media doesn’t have to be all work and no play. If you are not a Social Media Marketer, have no fear!  

  • In a B2B business, people love to see that you are a real business. Showing pictures of you and your staff, office birthdays, and even the office pet are a good way to get engagements from your Audience. Really like cat-videos on youtube? Share it! Chances are you have a few like-minded individuals in your group that are likely to enjoy it and share it with their friends.
  • Need topics to be able to share with your audience? Using a tool such as buzzsumo you can search relevant topics related to your niche. They are perfect for social shares!
  • Sharing different items on different platforms is also a way to get people to keep up with you on each platform. So, while you can share the same picture, or link on each platform – changing it up a little bit keeps your brand fresh in your audiences eyes.

Why do my rankings matter?

With the price of Facebook ads and Google advertising continuing to go up, being ranked on the first page of google is looking better for businesses every day. When you are ranked on the top of google without the green box that says [ad] you are there for free. All it takes is some hard work and dedication. And the best part? Once you are there, it is very hard to take you away as long as you keep up with proper SEO etiquette. Higher rankings on google = more visitors on your page which in turn ends up with more people checking you out on your Social Profiles.

Lets face it, in the digital world we are in today: People are checking you out socially before they buy.  So when they go from your website back to Facebook to check your business out, and then continuing to browse the platform– they continuously receive subtle reminders not to forget about you.

digital marketing & SEO  in Covington LA

Ad Hack for Facebook and Google

The #1 thing I recommend to all of my clients, and anyone who will listen is to have your Facebook Ad (or Google) attached to a landing page and not going to your website’s homepage. When you bring people back to the homepage and not directly to the area you want them to go in – they can get lost and confused by all of the information being spewed at them. What happens when they get lost and confused? They click off the page, never to return. So having a good landing page/sales funnel set up is the best way to get guests converted into customers.

As you can see the Facebook Pixel is an extremely powerful tool. If you are a not using the Facebook Pixel for your business that isn’t using it, you are missing out. If you don’t understand how to download the Pixel on your website, your Webmaster can do it for you. Too busy or Don’t have a webmaster? My Company Twinning Pros can  do this for you.

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