Businesses in Covington need to use Search Engine Optimization to be able to be found online in Search Engines such as Google by customers in Covington and the rest of the greater New Orleans area.

Being in the Digital Marketing business is our job as a Digital Marketing Agency to notice certain trends around town. So far what we can tell is that businesses in Covington are not paying attention to their SEO


“SEO” is Search Engine Optimization. Most people (especially in the Covington & greater New Orleans area) believe that SEO is a mythical creature. They want to be found online but are not sure how. It is inputting a certain keyword into google or other search engine and ranking at the top of that on the search engines in the city that you live/work in.

Why Is SEO Important In Covington, LA?

SEO is important because it can mean the difference between getting more leads and conversions vs your competition. If you were on the first page of google people would see your business and want to buy from YOU! It is relevant for customers coming straight to you. Utilizing SEO is so important because when a user types into Google they are showing purchase intent. That’s why SEO trumps Facebook advertising.

Example: You are an attorney in Covington; your name means everything to you- its most likely your practices name. You want it to stand out over your competition. How do you that? Search Engine Optimization. People type in a term like DUI attorney Covington, after they get a DUI – or maybe Personal Injury Attorney Covington – if you’re at the top, those leads will be coming to you!

If you’re a dentist in the greater New Orleans area people would type in what service they are looking for and add the city – making you the ideal candidate if you’re at the top of the page.

By focusing on keywords and creating content around those keywords with helpful and useful information for your current or future clients/customers google sees that you are relevant to that keyword and rank you.

How do we know that businesses in Covington aren’t utilizing SEO?

We have the tools to see what you, and your competition online is doing. We know how hard it is to rank for a certain keyword – and how to do just that. From what we have gathered, there is not a whole lot of competition in the Search Engines.

SEO Myths

You don’t have to work at SEO to get rankings.


False. Most businesses are under the impression that they create a website and they automatically appear on Google and other Search Engines. This is definitely not true, it takes hard work and dedication to get to the top of Google, but once you reach the top you generally stay there as long as you keep posting relevant content.


SEO is “so old school”


False. Google keeps on coming out with updates to make sure they are keeping the relevant businesses at the top. You can no longer post 150 words of nonsense on the internet and sprinkle in your keyword and rank for it. Social Media Advertising is continuing to rise in prices, making businesses look for other options. SEO is not paying per click, those clicks are FREE!

Search Engine Optimization is too complicated.

False. Being at the top of google for your business is definitely reachable. At Twinning Pros we have processes in place to keep you in the loop 100% of the time. Letting you know exactly when we do something and why.

Things to help your website rank on Google:

On-Site Optimization – Title Tags, Headers, Meta Description, Keywords, LSI Keywords.

These are all key benefits to Search Engine Optimization and becoming top-ranked on any Search Engine. Mastering these tools is the difference between you and your competition. Your business needs to be seen, SEO is the investment to be made to make yourself seen online. Today’s world is completely digital. Think of SEO as a giant billboard, but with that billboard is purchase intent. People are specifically seeking out these services for a reason. Making sure your business gets seen for these keywords is key to making the most out of your digital presence.

Other Digital Marketing Tools

Bringing people to your website is just the beginning. There are many Digital Marketing tools that can keep your audience engaged time and time again. Learning the benefits of each of these tools is going to only help you and your business.


Covington Email Marketing

This is an oldie but goodie. Email Marketing has stood the test of time. To keep people engaged, coming up with an email drip campaign to keep users engaged with your content and your products. Whether that is a weekly email, monthly, or even quarterly. Studies have shown that people purchase more from brands that they know. The easiest way to get current and future customers to get to know your brand is by email marketing.


Social Media Management in Covington

Another way to get people to know your brand is by Social Media Management. Being active on Social Media can mean a lot for your brand. Each Social Media Channel is different and should be treated as such. The blessing of Social Media is that you can connect with so many different types of people on each different channel. The curse is that you don’t want to halfheartedly be active on Social Media. That can be worse than having no channel at all. When people find you online, they check out which channels you are active on. They want to see that the businesses are real and active. You don’t want to continuously push your products. You want to be active in your community. The ratio should be about 80% about you and your community and 20% pushing your products.


PPC in Covington, LA

Pay-Per-Click Marketing is your best bet to get the results you want. Being seen at the top of Search Engines isn’t just about organic search results anymore. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. PPC is the easiest solution to get the rankings you want fast 30% of the people that search on Google clicks on the ads. The other 70% of people click on the organic search results under the ads. Even when you get the #1 result, PPC even helps you to be seen more on the page. The more times your information shows up on a search result, the more chances of collecting a lead.

Final Thoughts

If you’re like most people, you’re too busy running your business to have to learn the whole Digital Marketing business. You know it is important for your company, but you aren’t sure how to find the time. For those reasons, Twinning Pros is here for you. If you’re interested in SEO, Website Design, or even Email Marketing. We are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency located in Covington and serving the greater New Orleans area. Contact us Today!

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