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Why is Website Design important in 2019?

Website Design is important in 2019 because people do everything online, and therefore need a good user experience. Having a website that has a responsive design and mobile friendly are the two most important parts of website design in 2019

So, you are wondering why website design is important in 2019. Think of it like this: you are looking for something on the internet, maybe it’s shoes, maybe its kid’s toys, or even possibly a new dentist. You find what you think you are looking for, and then you click on the website and UGH. It looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1980. It’s slow and not very responsive. What do you do? You go back, and look at the next suggestion on Google.

If this is what you do, you are not alone. We live in a very digital era where everything is all voice search and mobile viewing. That is why it is so important to update you website. Everything is done online these days. If you are older, and maybe stuck in your ways, do me a favor: show your website to your 20 year old niece or your 8 year old grandson. I can promise you they can tell some improvements.

Why is it so important to update your website?

Almost everything you could ever imagine is available online. Your website is your virtual business card, some would say it is even more important than a physical business card these days. Why is that? Because, even when you hand someone your business card – they are immediately going to look you up online. If you don’t have something that is going to be responsive and look pleasant to them, they will throw your business card away and click off of your website

What can you do to improve your website in 2019?

Make your website mobile friendly

Have you ever had a question but you were in your car headed to a destination and so you just asked Siri instead and she brought you to the website she thinks you most want to see to answer that question? Today’s viewer is usually on the go. So making your website mobile friendly is vitally important, not only for your viewer but for your SEO score as well. If you want to know if your website is mobile friendly, you can test it out here. If it is not, it will tell you ways in which you need to improve it. Voice to text is going to be huge especially in 2020.

Make it look updated.

Some times all your website needs is a little refresh. Giving it a design that is actually made from this decade is probably a good place to start. I can’t tell you how many website I look at personally that have 1 page that goes nowhere and looks like it was made 20 years ago. Having more than one page is a good place to start. Want to connect more with the people going onto your website? Add an About Us page.

Integrate your Social Media

Just putting your Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram page is huge to letting people know that you have updated your website and you care about connecting with your customers socially. Adding them into the header and footer of your website is a great place to start so that people see it at the start and the end. Don’t have a social account? You need to get one! It’s free to sign up, Social Media Management is important in today’s digital world.

Add Video

Remember what I said about people being on the go and making your website more mobile friendly? Well, you also need to add video on to your website for that person that wants to get their information quickly. Youtube is the #2 Search Engine, behind Google. It’s not just another platform to get your information out there. Embedding a video onto your web page is also a great way to get people to stay on your website longer. Improving your SEO score.

Have a blog

Having a blog and updating it at least once a month is a GREAT way to show people that you are being active on your website. You can answer your current or future viewers questions and showcase how you are the leader in your field. Taking your blog posts and sharing them on your social profiles is another way to show that you are active on your website.

As you can see an updated Website Design is absolutely important in the digital era that we live in. If you have a website, and know that it needs to be updated but don’t know where to start. Twinning Pros, can assist you in making the website look the way you want! Even if you don’t have a website at all, we have the tools you need to get online. With a quick turnaround time we can make sure that you are up and running with a great looking website in no time! We know how important websites are in today’s world and will not let you down!

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