As a Vacation Rental Company do you know where can you reach billions of people in the same place? Social Media. Every single day Billions of people use Facebook, Instagram,
Pinterest, Youtube and more to conjure up dream vacations look for travel
deals, and get tried-and-true advice on where to stay.

Using Social Media as a Vacation Rental Company

When you use social media specifically for your vacation
rental company it gives you and opportunity to interact with guests before and
after their stay. The guests cane use their social media to post their own
pictures and experience which can prove to be free advertising on multiple
platforms, help shape your brand, and grow your internet presence.

As a Vacation Rental Company your business is built on
creating guest connection and guest experience that are exactly what they
wanted and more. Social media gives you the opportunity to accomplish this, but
it takes a little work.


Facebook has over 242 million Users just in North America alone, it’s the best place for your business. It’s the hub for every age and demographic. You need to POST OFTEN and STRATEGICALLY. Many people make this mistake. They create a Facebook page and might post once a month, or even once a year. This is a waste of your time and efforts. Facebook can be such a great tool if you utilize it. It is a one-stop-shop where people can see a place and photos, learn great things about your rentals, and see how other guests felt about using your company, interact with the company, and so much more! Interacting with guests leads to reviews. When you interact with customers promptly and professionally with impeccable customer service. People are more than likely to book with you.

Best Practices for taking advantage of Facebook for your Vacation Rental Company: 

  • Stay active – we suggest posting about once a day
  • Post relevant, traveler-focused content – from links to events in your area to articles about how to pack, etc.
  • Respond to reviews, comments, and inquiries in a timely manner
  • Share seasonal photos so travelers can picture themselves at your home all year.


Creating a business and sharing photos is just the start for Instagram. The content shared needs to be on brand with your company and promote user-generated content. User-generated content is content that is created by an interaction with your account, such as a comment or re-post. Pictures of your property, High-quality photos of local attractions, and pictures of guests enjoying their stay with your company are all good things to share so that future guests can see what it is like to experience a stay with your company. When you let guests know that you have an Instagram account, encourage them to tag you, or use a branded hashtag! Hashtags are incredibly important for your online presence.

Best practices for Taking advantage of Instagram for your vacation rental company:


  • Post once per day
  • Engage with your audience
  • Encourage guests to tag your company/properties
  • Use hashtags
  • Respond to comments and re-posts



Although posts are smaller on twitter, it is not to be left out. You can connect with so many different types of people. It used to be just for the younger generation, but now every day more and more users are joining the platform. People can connect with you to plan their stay, but also this is the platform to connect on a more personal level. Share travel tips, videos, etc. Do not only use twitter to sell, sell, sell. Twitter has a short attention span – but taking the extra time to speak with other users and share helpful tips and tricks about your area can help improve your audience.

Best practices for Taking advantage of Twitter for your vacation rental company:


  • Post often: Twitter is the one platform where it is acceptable to share multiple posts within a day.
  • Use video: The one way to connect with your audience when you have less to say is by using video – it’s the best way to attract the attention of mobile users!
  • Respond to replies and retweets: Being kind and replying a simple thank you for retweeting your posts can go along way with making connections.


The power of Youtube is so under-rated. Video is so powerful right now and it is gaining more importance every day. “Did you know that Youtube is the second biggest search engine right now?” They have over 1 billion active users every month. When people want to learn something, they go to Youtube, If you aren’t the type to create videos to showcase everything in your area– the least you can do is to put the videos of your home that YOU ALREADY HAVE ON YOUR WEBSITE! I have worked with enough Vacation Rentals to know that they have the tools and pay a lot of money to get the videos and photos taken – they are just not connecting them on all of the platforms.

Best practices for Taking advantage of Youtube for your vacation rental company:


  • Post at least once per week
  • Showcase your rentals and your amenities, but also provide video of the area including restaurants and shops. You are showing
    people their dream vacation and showing them why they need to be there

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