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Covington SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

Here is the question of the day: Is your problem getting new clients? OR is it generating a predictable system to get you new customers. Typically a business owner has two options for growing their business. Firstly, you can pay for ads. Paying for ads can bring you traffic to your site, but it can also cheapen your brand and cost you a lot of money to get the traffic that you want. What if you attract the wrong customer base? Sometimes, it is just not worth the risk. Your second option would be to hire a new employee, and you and your team know just how expensive that could be. Here at Twinning Pros, we believe in the third option. Your best salesperson in the world for your brand is YOUR website.

70% of search engine browsers click on non-paid (organic) listings instead of the ads at the top of the page?


Adding SEO Content To Your Website

The Twinning Pros team will then add content to your website – content that targets specific keywords that your customers are searching into the Google Search Engine. The content we write on our client’s website tends to be in a longer format to ensure that we get the rankings. In 2019 SEO is all about adding good content to your website that is evergreen to Google’s random algorithm update.

Create A Link Building Campaign

Your content is great to have but you’re going to need to power up the domain rating of your website. First, by increasing your domain rating all of the golden content that you have written will rank higher in the search engines. In addition adding backlinks to your website will result in a higher search engine ranking. Backlinks can be acquired through our partner networks. Or even by prospecting for links in your local area. Your business can also be featured on several websites where they will place a link back to your website.


More About SEO in Covington

Our SEO approach

Twinning Pros is a digital marketing agency offering search engine optimization, graphic design, website development, and social media marketing services.

Our office is located on 16309 Brewster Rd Covington Louisiana – but we service clients in the Greater New Orleans area with search engine services. You can learn more about why we’re the right company to hire if you’re engaging SEO in Covington.

More about our SEO approach in Covington

Covington is a competitive area for SEO, and we understand that. The Twinning Pros team starts every search engine campaign by identifying the competitors of our clients. This market research phase allows us to figure out the domain ratings of your competitors to see how much we have to do to beat them. Once we have good competitive data, we can begin the SEO campaign by following our SEO process:

Fixing On-Site Technical Issues

When we onboard a new client, we adhere to a technical SEO process where we analyze your website and search for common issues detected that holds back a website’s rankings. These issues include domain redirects, site security, site speed, site structure, schema mark up, thin content, and much more. Once we have the website in a good technical standing we can continue our SEO process.

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Our Approach

Twinning Pros specializes in creating digital marketing campaigns for small businesses and enterprise businesses that consist of organic traffic from Google’s search engine. Twinning Pros also assists clients with social media management, PPC advertising, graphic design, and marketing consulting. Read more about our services by clicking here.

Get Your Custom SEO Strategy Today!

If you’re ready to add a custom digital marketing strategy to your business in Covington. Start by contacting us today to learn more about what we can do for you. Our digital marketing agency specializes in marketing for dentists, real estate agents, musicians, and professionals in the medical field. Certainly, we have solid client rankings all throughout Covington. It wouldn’t be much for us to rank your website at the top of the search engine using our unique process.


Proudly serving the following locations in the Greater New Orleans area with our Digital Marketing Services: 

  • Covington
  • Abita Springs
  • Mandeville
  • Madisonville
  • Slidell
  • Hammond
  • New Orleans

Covington Digital Marketing Services

Email Marketing in Covington

The easiest way to reach locals in the Covington Area is to use email marketing. This method has stood the test of time and will continue to benefit business owners.

Whether you want to create a monthly newsletter or a drip campaign we have the knowledge that will benefit your company bringing you an amazing email campaign.

Were a covington web design company

We have built amazing websites for businesses in Covington. From bands to restaurants, dentists, and even tanning salons. Our unique designs will set you apart from the competition.

Whether you want to create a new website from scratch or touch-up your old one we are the Website Design Company for you!

managing social media profiles for covington businesses

Sometimes all you need to boost your sales as a Local Business in Covington is a good social media presence. Managing your Social Media accounts is key to making sure that you are communicating with your audience.

We work with businesses in Covington, Mandeville, and the rest of the Greater New Orleans area.

So whether you are a Local business owner in Covington, running an e-commerce website in Slidell, or going to SLU in Hammond wanting to start your own blog, our Digital Marketing Agency is here for you!

How Much Does SEO Cost in covington?

You may be wondering, how much does SEO cost in Covington? After all, each and every business is different with their own challenges in the search engines. But for us to determine the price for a business in Covington engaging in SEO we must first do a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Our SEO campaigns are for a period of time with one total cost. Your investment is then broken down into monthly payments. For example, if after competitor analysis we determine that we will need 200 hours to complete service of the campaign and we bill out $100. Furthermore, you can clearly guess that you’re going to be paying $20,000 for the SEO campaign. This total campaign cost is broken down into monthly payments.

We will be monitoring your SEO campaign and have monthly reporting on your most important KPI metrics. Usually, for clients, the Twinning Pros team will monitor things such as:

  • Google analytics data
  • Google my business data
  • Data about Google search console
  • And other webmaster tools that are important to an SEO campaign









How Successful are PPC Campaigns in Covington?

With the right keywords strategy, we will be able to create a very successful Pay-Per-Click campaign that will be blowing your competition in Covington away.

We may specialize in SEO but we are also a Creative Design company. So, not only can we find the right keywords, but we also do Graphic Design and copywriting.

We are your one-stop-shop for all your PPC and other Digital Marketing needs in the greater New Orleans area!

If you currently do not have a plan or have unrealistic expectations, if you’re not generating leads, if you’re not sure what to do with your business data, don’t you worry! These are all things we can help with! 

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