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Correct business listings are a top-ranking factor for businesses and their Google My Business listing. Google takes into account major third party directories, your contact info on your website, and they MUST match. With all that being said, it can be a nightmare to do so all by yourself.

We have the listings management solution for YOUR business!

Are your potential customers seeing your accurate business information online? Maybe you have multiple listings for the same location? The number one way to improve brand visibility is to ensure that all of your NAP (name, address, and phone) information is all correct across all online directories so potential customers can find you. 

Do you have a new business or want to open a new location? Our listings management software ensures that opening a new location and adding your information correctly to all of our directories will be a breeze. 

At Twinning Pros we take the hassle out of online directories and make sure that your accurate information is available online for potential customers to see.  Our main goal is to grow your reach, and increase your sales. 

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We offer exclusive partnerships to business directories allowing your correct business information to appear online to appeal to more customers & make more sales. 

White glove listings management

Access to industry leading directiories

Correct listings errors

Track & report listings performance

The time to take control of your online presence is now. Make sure that people who come across your business online are seeing accurate information.

When the wrong information is listed about your business online, those are all missed opportunities that could have been revenue in your back pocket. 

Our Approach

We believe in making things easier for the business owner. By taking over the management of your listings it gives you less time in front of the computer applying to directories and more time doing the things you love for your business. 

We know listings management is an integral part of taking control of your online presence and creating more brand awareness for your business to generate leads and close more sales. 


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