Why Email Marketing Works

Why Email Marketing Works


Why Email Marketing Works?

Email Marketing works because it feels more personal and you don’t have to fight algorithms on Social Networks to reach every person on your contact list.


When you think of Email Marketing, do you think of it as one of the best forms of Digital Marketing? One of the oldest and greatest forms of Digital Marketing is Email Marketing, but why does email marketing work? With something that sounds as simple as sending an email, what makes it so great? Today we are going to discuss just that, the reasons email marketing will continue to be a leading form of marketing for the long haul.

You Own Your Contact List

you own your contact list
Customer file organized alphabetically with focus on a contact note, white background. Conceptual business image for illustration of clients base, or prospect list.

With other forms of digital marketing out there, while they work incredibly well – they don’t have the same effects as email marketing. If Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other type of social platform decided tomorrow to change their algorithm to where even less of your “followers” can’t see your posts, you as a business owner have every right to leave that platform, but you can’t bring your followers with you. With email marketing that is not the case.

Email marketing works because there are many different platforms for email marketing: Mailchimp, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign and so much more. There might be different options but you can try out each one and see which you like and gets you better results, and you can bring your contact list with you! You own your email list, that is your digital marketing gold. If you transfer from software to software, you don’t have to fret the thought of having to start all over.

You Can Personalize Your Message to Your Customers

Personalize your email message to your customers with email marketing

What makes someone feel `connected to your brand, is receiving personal messages. They like to feel as if you are talking to them personally. This is why email marketing is so successful because when you get the personal information to your ‘followers’ or ‘subscribers’ you can tailor a message with their name and any other specific information you want to put in there and you can send it to the whole list all at one time, automating a personal message to hundreds or thousands with just the click of a button!


Responding to a message right after a current or prospective customer sends an email to your website, is one of the ways email automation makes email marketing great. You can set up a message to be spent when certain triggers on your website are hit, and you don’t even have to be by the computer when they are happening!


Have some important information that you think all of your readers need to know? Send them down a drip path! When they show an interest in a topic that you cover, they can opt-in and get the information they need over a series of emails that you can decide how far apart they should be. This is the best way to keep your readers interested!

People Want to Hear From You

Subscribing to your email list is not the same as ‘liking your page’. When someone subscribes to your email list, they are letting you know that they want to receive emails from you. They know that what you are going to send them is not spam, but information, coupons, and specials information which are they are interested in.

You Don’t Have To Message Them Daily

You don't have to message your contacts daily to keep them engaged with email marketing

They say less is more especially when it comes from Email Marketing. You want people to hear from you enough that they remember your name when it comes to the services you provide, but not so much that you are a nuisance. We recommend sending either a weekly or biweekly email to see the best results for your open rates.

It takes a lot of work to grow your email list, just like it takes a lot of work to grow your social following. You can combine the two forms of Digital Marketing by adding a social share button to the bottom of your email. Using email to bridge the gap between your other marketing efforts can do wonders if you’re your business.

Email marketing sets itself apart away from the pack with the way you can automate and customize your emails with ease. Knowing that you own your list, and can bring it with you to whatever service you want. Just this information alone makes it one of the best forms of digital marketing out there.

Do you know that your business needs email marketing, but don’t know where to start? Twinning Pros has created professional email marketing campaigns for businesses all the way from Covington, LA to Destin, FL and we are happy to help you get started on your email marketing journey as well! Send us an email at info@twinningpros.com and one of our email marketing specialists will be in touch with you shortly!

Why Local SEO is a must for small businesses.

Why Local SEO is a must for small businesses.


Why is Local SEO a must for small businesses?

Local SEO is a must for small businesses because it is less competitive and 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information.


Being a small business, it can be difficult to get the results you want online at a fast enough pace. Depending on the SEO difficulty, it can take months, or possibly years to get the first-page ranking. Luckily for you and your business, there is Local SEO. Local SEO is Search Engine Optimization for your local area. Using your city in your quest for search engine rankings can help make the process go a little quicker and you can rank for search terms in your local area. 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. (Hubspot) There are so many benefits to Local SEO for small businesses, read more to find out.

Smaller pond – less competition

When you take the big pool of national terms, it can be extremely difficult in some cases to get the results you want. When you utilize a tool such as local SEO you take away half of your national competition and you can reach people in your local area. Making you have less competition to have your small business reach more people.

Being found in the map pack

This is huge when it comes to Local SEO. 88% of people that conduct the local search and see the search term in the map pack contacted or visited the business within 24 hours. (SEO Expert Brad) With 28% of those resulting in a purchase, This is incredible! It is one of the most powerful tools for your small business.

More traffic on your website

When you have more visibility in local search terms, then more people will be clicking on your website. This is so great, because the more views, can lead to more referrals. When you continue to get views on your website, that will also lead to more conversions.

More Conversions

Above I mentioned that when more people see you in the map pack 76% of people that perform the local search end up contacting the business within 24 hours ending up with more conversions. But it is also about more people that get on your website. The more visibility the more opportunities you have to attract those viewers and get the conversions.

You want to be found in google but you’re not sure how. The good news is, all of us at Twinning Pros do! It’s not as untouchable as you may think. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but finding the right SEO professionals to conquer local SEO for your small business is the first step into making your digital presence work for you!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?


When you think of the term SEO what is it you think of? Probably just a bunch of letters unless your familiar with website optimization techniques. For those of you that don’t know what it is I will explain. SEO is short for Search-Engine-Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization in general terms is basically doing anything to optimize your page to be found in Google. There are a bunch of strategies to getting your page to rank better. For some of those techniques you don’t have to be an SEO wizard.

So you want to be found in Google

A lot of people think that they can just build a website and then some magical fairy places them in google. That’s not the case – it takes a lot of hard work to make your way to the top of google. How can you do that? Business need to be found in google in order to reach more people and grow their business. We are no longer in a world where ‘word of mouth’ doesn’t require some sort of device to spread the word.

SEO Strategy

There is a lot that goes into search-engine optimization but before you begin you need to develop an SEO strategy. An SEO strategy is basically coming up with a plan and organizing your website’s content by topic. Doing so helps Google, Bing, and other search engines understand a user’s intent and therefore helping with your SEO.


What are some SEO techniques to get me started?

Keyword Research

Once you have your SEO strategy it is then time to do a little research. Keywords are the words that users type in to get their results from google. When doing your keyword research you want to be able to find terms that are relevant to your content and that people are actually searching for. SEM rush and Google Keyword planner are good tools when it comes to this.


Now that you have your keyword research done – it’s time to start writing the content. What type of content? We believe in using 3 types of content to get your message received:

  • Blog
  • Video
  • Social Media

What is a Blog?

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page that is written in an informal or conversational style. At Twinning Pros, we encourage everyone to have a blog. Just posting once a month can increase your organic search rank in google!

Good Blogging etiquette

  • Must have 500 words. Being more thorough is always best. Generally top pages on google have about 2,400 word count. Those top pages are concise – and they don’t ramble or go off topic so you shouldn’t either.
  • Use images or infographics – a blog should have at-least one image (even if it is just your featured image) You can use the Alt-tags to help with your keywords.
  • Use video – sharing informational videos on your page are great tools to help with on-page time. Because how much time someone spends on your website is a factor in SEO.

Why do I need to use video?

Video is an extremely popular way to get your message across. Google owns Youtube and it is the #2 search engine. So, think about getting your site ranked on two search engines! A picture may be worth 1,000 words – but my friend if we had to give it a number a video is worth at least 10,000. It’s perfect for the new digital on-the -go world. Even a short 3-5 minute video can help boost those rankings!

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file made available from the internet to download. Its generally a series about a certain topic.

Really its just people giving you loads of free information about a topic you are interested in. If you don’t know how to podcast –

“you can just strip the audio from that video you created before and you have yourself a podcast!”


Backlinks are another important factor when doing SEO. When people link to your page, that is a backlink. Google uses backlinks as a term to decide if your page is trustworthy. The higher the Domain score – the more trustworthy. You want to be able to get backlinks from high authority sites so that Google thinks that your site is relevant to your niche as well so google understands that you are relevant too. To do a little backlink research on your site, and even your competitors you can uses tools such as Ahrefs.

On-Site Optimization

Title Tags

Title tags are the second most important factor in on-page SEO.

URL structure

You need to make sure the hierarchy of your website is reflected in your URL. It’s used to determine the relevancy of a web page by google.


Your content pages are usually the reasons why someone came to your website in the first place. Making sure your content page is relevant and specific to your topic is super important! Good content is what other websites link back to in order to boost up your Domain score!

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