What is the difference between Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing?

What is the difference between Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is gaining brand awareness or website traffic using Social Media Platforms while Social Media Management is a system of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging on Social Media Platforms.

The two go hand in hand because at the end of the day you want to create content, for people to engage with to become familiar with your brand and visit your website. There are many social media management tools that are cost-effective and can really help your Social Media efforts, you can find a few of them here:

Each Social Media Platform is different and should be treated as such. You need to be sharing different information on different platforms in order to receive maximum engagement. With that being said, start out with one platform at a time instead of going at the all-in-one approach. Master the platform and then head to the next in order to create more engagement.


What are the major social media platforms?


Facebook is the leader of the Social Media Platforms with 3.2 billion users, you are sure to engage with a variety of users if you find the right channel using their group and friend features. You have the ability to use text, images, and videos on this platform. While you can buy followers, (which is highly frowned upon) It looks great on paper but does terrible things for your engagement and analytics.

Facebook for Social Media Marketing

  • Creating a group to go along with a theme of your brand or business page to see what people are interested in is a great way to see what content to create, products to sell, and is a great way to start getting engagement with your brand.
  • Facebook Ads are also a way to get pay-per-click engagement with your brand. You can completely tailor the demographic you target – age, location, interests and so much more.
  • Adding the Facebook Pixel to your website enables you to re-target visitors who went to your website with an ad on Facebook.

Facebook for Social Media Management

  • We suggest posting a couple of times a day to start out with, that way you can analyze what times work best for engagement and go from there.
  • You can use a tool such as fanpage karma and likealyzer to analyzer your page and your competition.


What was once a platform for pictures, Instagram has found a way to be competitive in the video market by adding Instagram TV. Instagram can be a blank canvas making a great way to create visual inspired content to get engagement with your brand.

Instagram for Social Media Marketing

  • Instagram is owned by Facebook so you can actually share your Facebook ad on Instagram. While pictures can still get the job done, video ads seem to be extremely effective on Instagram.
  • Create an interactive hashtag for user engagement

Instagram for Social Media Management

  • Just like Facebook, we recommend posting 3 times a day to see what times you get the best engagement.
  • You can get really creative with Instagram like making a giant picture out of your 9 picture Instagram grid. Using a grid app from the app store or using a website like canva can help you create a beautiful grid if you don’t know how to splice with Photoshop.

[Insert Twinning Pros Instagram Board Here]


youtube social media marketing

The #2 search engine in the world, YouTube, is strictly for video. With the ability to embed YouTube videos you can integrate it onto all of the different platforms.

YouTube for Social Media Marketing

  • YouTube PPC Video Ads are a great way to get in front of a large audience if you have something great to sell. We recommend YouTube video ads for EVERYONE! Whether you are selling a course, webinar, e-commerce, or other products like goods & services.
  • If you’re not comfortable getting in front of the camera for a video ad, there are other places on the platform for you to place text ads like cards.

YouTube for Social Media Management

  • Get in front of the camera! YouTube is a great channel for people to get in front of the camera and put their message out there into the world.
  • Schedule out your videos for maximum engagement
  • Optimize your videos in a playlist



Twitter is for quick excerpts for relevant topics. You can share a short video, an image, or a short text. Using trendy hashtags is the best way to connect with other tweeters in the world.

Twitter for Social Media Marketing

  • Add a few Call to Actions to your tweets to boost sales and generate leads.
  • Twitter Marketing is the best place to A/B test your headlines!
  • Promoted tweets and conversational ads are the best way to increase brand awareness on Twitter.

Twitter for Social Media Management

  • Schedule your posts to tweet during peak hours.
  • Do hashtag research to ensure maximum engagement in your tweet. (but keep them to a minimum)
  • Add an image to increase retweets



pinterest social media marketing

Pinterest is a special kind of Social Media Platform. It is definitely one for the creatives or want to be creatives! With 300 million users Pictures and Infographics are the best items to share on this platform. They have a great google extension that makes it easy to share ideas to your boards with the click of a button!

Pinterest for Social Media Marketing

  • Every blog post or video you create on your website should also be transformed into an image for a Pinterest pin. You can add a button to your website to make it easy for website visitors to save your images/posts to their Pinterest boards.
  • Add your logo somewhere at the top of your image to keep it from being covered up by ads.
  • Use promoted pins (Pinterest ads) for extra brand exposure

Pinterest for Social Media Management

  • Make sure you pin consistently.
  • Focus on visuals – with it being an extremely visual website you need to make sure to create content that is sure to catch the reader’s eye!
  • Don’t forget to add text! SEO concepts still apply to this visual medium.

Now that you know the difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management you can see how they go hand in hand.  We hope you can use these tips to help bring your brand to the next level. Each platform has a way to increase brand exposure making it easier to drive traffic to your website and boost your sales. If you know your brand needs Social Media Marketing or Social Media Management get in touch with our team at Twinning Pros info@twinningpros.com and we will be happy to set you up with a quote so we can get started bringing your brand to the next level!

What is PPC Marketing?

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC stands for ‘Pay-Per-Click’ and it is a brand of marketing where you pay a fee for everyone that clicks on your advertisement. You are essentially paying for visitors to go to your website instead of earning those clicks organically using digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization.

PPC Marketing for your business in Digital Marketing

PPC advertising on search engines is one of the most popular forms of Digital marketing out there. The breakdown goes like this: You pick a keyword to place your ad, and then you bid to an amount to what you want to spend on your ad. When someone types in a keyword such as “Digital Marketing Agency Near Me” You might see Twinning Pros come up as one of the top ad spaces on the front page of google.


Social Platforms for PPC Marketing

There is quite a variety of Pay Per Click Marketing Platforms. We will discuss the top five main platforms where PPC Marketing performs very well those platforms being:

Google –

Google is the #1 Search Engine. The majority of people will automatically search for terms on google before going anywhere else, making it one of the best lead generating websites out there. Paying for advertising space here can be costly but this PPC platform is worth it in the long run.


Another Search Engine that has been around for a while is Bing. It happens to be preferred by most users and is gaining in popularity especially for marketers as Google’s main focus is to monopolize the digital world and keep people on their website as long as possible. With Bing being less competitive, it makes the ad space cheaper to purchase.


The third most popular Search Engine is Yahoo. It’s also been around for a long time, being some users main search engine. With it falling behind Bing and Google, you can capitalize on the right keywords at a cheaper rate than the other 2 search engines.


Social Media plays a big important role in the Pay-Per-Click Advertising Market. You can highly target your demographic market on Facebook and can therefore receive more views on your ad. Ever heard of the Facebook Pixel? This is the ultimate re-targeting tool to be able to get people who were already on your website to come back and purchase from you.


Youtube PPC Campaigns are growing in popularity. With Youtube being owned by Google, Youtube has become the #2 Search Engine out there. In today’s on-the-go society, watching a quick video to learn their topic of choice is easier than reading 1,000 word blog articles. Which also works better for advertising as well. If you can give a quck 1 -2 minute video to attract your keyword friendly audience then Youtube is for you!

The difference between Social Media and Search Engine PPC Campaigns is user-intent. On Search Engines the user has to type in the keyword or a variation of it in order to see your ad, on Facebook a user has to of just had an interest in the topic that you are targeting or just meet the demographics they are trying to target. On Social Media a person can click on the Ad just out of sure curiosity and on Search Engines with the user having more intent, is going to generate better leads for your business.

Keyword Research

Find your PPC ad target by doing keyword research

Keyword Research is probably the most important part about PPC Campaigns. You are paying for people to click on your ‘keywords’ so you want them to be worth the money. You can bid to be competitive in high interest markets, or you can do your research and find the long-tail version of those keywords which are still searched for, less competitive and therefore cost less money. Which gives you the more bang for your buck!

Managing Campaigns 

During your PPC campaigns you need to continue to research keywords that are important to your campaign. Along with keyword research you need to review your active PPC campaign. You need to keep what is working and change what isn’t.  Bidding for keywords that are expensive and under-performing are a waste of your time and you need to replace them with keywords that do work.

Benefits of PPC

One of the main benefits of PPC is that you can essentially buy your way to top rankings. A plus side to this is that you can A) Buy rankings until you can earn them organically or B) Buy rankings in the Ad space even if you are top ranked – to ensure your website gets more views.

Why use PPC over other forms of marketing

Using PPC Marketing over other forms of marketing leaves your possibilities endless

If you follow the steps correctly, do your keyword research and bid for the keywords you know you can get business from: then you know the amount you spend on pay-per-click advertising is irrelevant because the amount you can get from the lead should be at least twice that amount.

PPC can be one of the greatest tools at your disposal. You can generate leads by being the top rated ad on the first page of google, while also being the top ranked organic listing on Google as well. The more times a current or prospective customer sees your name on the front page of google, the more authority they give your business/website and the more chances of them becoming and actual customer.

Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks by Twinning Pros

Wanting to start a PPC Marketing campaign of your own and don’t know where to start? Twinning Pros is here to help! Pay Per Click Marketing is one of our specialties and we are happier than ever to guide you on your Digital Marketing/PPC Journey!

Stop focusing on your number of followers.

Stop focusing on your number of followers.

Wait. What!? Did a marketing pro just tell you to stop focusing on your number of followers? Yep. I sure did!

There are so many companies out there that are promising you a huge skyrocket in your number of followers on Instagram and Facebook, but what they do not guarantee you, is engagement. While we would all like to see our Instagram and Facebook accounts grow with 1,000+ followers a month, you want those people to genuinely like the product or service you are offering them. If you paid someone last month to grow your account following and if it was anywhere in the 1,000-5,000 range, you should take a look at your recent followers right now. Chances are, they used fake accounts or bots to increase your following. But this doesn’t help you with your engagement at all. Would you like to have 20,000 followers and only have 9 of them engaging with you? You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that those numbers appear to be off.

If your social media followers are engaging with your content, this means they are like, sharing, and following your accounts and content

Think about this. If you decided to spend $500-$1,000 to attend a state-wide trade show filled with 10,000+ people, did you bring enough materials or business cards to hand out to all of them? The chances are you didn’t. You also wouldn’t have had enough time to genuinely engage in conversation with all the attendees of that trade show. But how many attendees did you interact with? Who stopped by because your signage appealed to them? How many people were genuinely interested in learning more about what you have to offer? The thing you need to understand is you don’t want to attract the masses; you want to attract your ideal clientele. The same goes for your social media following.

You don’t need to attract anyone and everyone. All it takes is one to make the sale. That one person is looking at your online presence to see what you have to offer them, not what you have to offer anyone and everyone. You need to see the people who are interacting with you online. Do you have followers who are liking and commenting on your posts? Are you replying to their comments and befriending them online? If someone came into your store and asked you a question, would you engage in a conversation with them? Or would you give them one-word responses? You need to build relationships and market to your ideal clients.

Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

What is the market you are currently serving? What is your ideal clientele? Are you currently attracting your ideal clients online? If not, you need to figure out why. You may be targeting the wrong clients online. If you were attracting the right clientele and happy with the overall outcome, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post.

Store-front shoppers can be brought in from your social media marketing efforts

Even if your business is strictly internet-based, let’s pretend for a minute that you have a store-front business. Who do you want to see walking through the front doors? What kind of environment do you want to provide for them? What do you think those customers would want to see in your store? Think about that for a moment or take a piece of paper and write those questions down. While you’re thinking about that, let me give you a real-life example that I recently experienced.

A friend of mine is going on a cruise for their honeymoon next month and saw a post on Instagram for Bella Rose, a local boutique that just opened in Ocean Springs, MS was having a Summer sale. When we walked through the doors, I was utterly in awe. This place was modern, elegant, and the girls who were chosen to work there made you feel like they cared. We even brought her 3 and 4-year-old boys with us to the store, and they had a little play area near the dressing rooms so the moms could shop around. Their social media marketing got us through the door, their ideal clients, and guess what, when I decide to buy some new clothes, you can bet your money I’m going back there.

Marketing goals: to have your targeted audience become your clientele.

The point of this story is their online presence was a direct reflection of their store-front, and they’re attracting their ideal customer base. Now I’m not saying this women’s boutique that is targeting young women between 18-40 won’t attract people who won’t buy their items from time to time, but their marketing efforts are in the right place.

If you’re not bringing in your ideal clients to your business, it’s time you have a talk with your marketing team. If you don’t have a marketing team, let’s start a conversation and point you in the right direction. Your ideal clients are waiting for you. Don’t keep focusing on the number of followers you have on your Social Media accounts, or you might miss them.

What is Social Media Management?

What is Social Media Management?


What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the method of managing content and interactions and brand listening across social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and, LinkedIn. It’s vitally important to your online presence and your brand.


You could say that Social Media Management is a system that has four elements: Creating, Scheduling, Analyzing, and Engaging with users and their content on the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course Pinterest.


Creating Social Media Posts With Social Media Management

No matter which social platform you are on, its elements are very visual. You need to create social media posts that can grab a user’s attention at a moments notice, whether that be a large image with a catchy text line or a funny video: you need to break out your creative side to catch the eye of the busybody located behind the mobile phone, tablet, or computer. If you’re not sure what topics are trending you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to see what’s trending and analyze content by creator or category. Using Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is the best for creating images, but if you are a beginner in the social media creation world, using a tool such as Canva can really take your social media posts to the next level. If you’re looking to create infographics using a tool like easel.ly can make the process of creating infographics a whole lot easier.


Schedule Your Content With Social Media Management
close up of calendar, coffee, clock and pencil on the blue table background, planning for business meeting or travel planning concept

The first thing that comes to mind as a business owner when it comes to social media is I don’t have the time to post. Well, I have news for you, my friend! This great digital age we live in has come up with the world’s greatest technology and that is Social Media Scheduling tools! There are several apps that allow you to schedule your social media posts far in advance, and a little late we will go into Social Media Management Software that combines all of the best tools when it comes to Social Media Management. Here are a few FREE social media management scheduling tools:

  • Hootsuite – 3 profiles, schedule 30 posts in advance, create contests – no mobile app
  • Buffer – Manage 3 profiles, schedule 10 posts in advance, mobile app, image creator, GIF uploader
  • Tweetdeckfor twitter only. Create timelines, manage lists, and add team accounts.

There are a few free mobile apps to visually schedule and plan Instagram posts, those include[e:


Analyze the Data with Social Media Management

If you are putting the content out there, you need to see what is working. Social Media Platforms have business tools integrated with their systems that allow you to find out information like when is the best time to post, what is your ideal audience, are they male or female, and what location they live in. That way when you start creating more social media campaigns you can make sure they are targeted at the right audience.


Social Media does not work if you are not social. Making sure to engage with most if not all comments on your social pages is critical to being on Social Media. Not only that, but you need to make sure to start connecting with other users in other groups to get them to start connecting with YOU which will, in turn, start connecting with your brand. This is where having a Social Media Manager is critical.

What is a Social Media Manager?

Tiffany with Twinning Pros - Social Media Manager
Tiffany with Twinning Pros| Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager Is someone that manages all of the creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with users and content on Social Media for you. They can review your analytics, monitor your business/brand name online and listen to see if good or bad things are being said, and they can collaborate with their team members who are all proficient in the language of Digital Marketing to decide what is the best course for your Social Media Journey. Most business owners whether you are a mom-n-pops shop or you own a large corporation, you’re too busy running your business to have to worry about Social Media.

But, I have news for you, my friend. If you do not have a Social Media Page for your business, you are missing out. Not just on engagements, but on more business! The future of Digital Marketing is taking an Omni-Channel approach which means you need all of the help you can get to ensure a seamless shopping experience to your current or potential customers when it comes to online and even in-store shopping.

How much does Social Media Management Cost?

This question is not so easily answered as every business is different and will receive a different quote based on the needs of their business. Some of the factors include:

  • Size of business – Local or National? One office or 5?
  • Number of Social Media accounts to be Social on – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube
  • How many posts per day – You should always post different information on each platform in order to get users engaging with your brand across all platforms.
  • Analytics – Simple analytics data or complex? How much do you want to know personally?
  • Level of Engagement – Are you engaging with your customers, or would you like us to?

If you want a tailored quote for your business just send us an email at info@twinningpros.com with the information listed above and we will be happy to send you a personalized quote. We encourage you to learn more about Twinning Pros Social Media Management.

Social Media Management Tools

If you are looking to go-it-alone, you are going to want to check out the latest Social Media Management tools. While it cannot create the content for you, it can manage most of the Social Media Management process such as scheduling, listening, and analyzing your social data. Some of the best Social Media Management tools out there are:

Either one of these tools can really up to your Social Media Management game. They can allow you to schedule your posts in advance, interact with your followers from their dashboard, and analyze the data from a post or category. It can really change the way you think about Social Media. You can also use a tool such as fanpage karma to not only analyze your social media following but your competitors as well.

Why you need to use the Facebook Pixel for your Business

Why you need to use the Facebook Pixel for your Business

Time and time again I go to check on a website for a client to to do a Social Media Audit and talk to them either about the improvements they could make on their website, SEO, or one of my favorites: social media. They don’t have a Facebook Pixel on their business’ page. Most of them don’t even know what a Facebook Pixel is, or how it could benefit their business. If you are like my clients, with no Pixel on your amazing website this post is for you!

What is the Facebook Pixel?

It’s a piece of code that Facebook creates to put on your website. (The best part about it – this code is completely free!!!)

What does your Business use the Pixel for?

If you are a business running Facebook ads, or even thinking about running Facebook ads – then you really need to start using the Facebook Pixel.

  1. Track conversions – a conversion is a completed action that you want someone to take on your website (lead, inquiry, subscribe to your list)
  2. Optimize ads – Facebook automatically improves your ads so it can show them to more people who are more likely to convert. (Email subscribers)
  3. Facebook retargeting ads – when you show ads to people who have been to your page.

Example: You are checking out something on a site and then as soon as you go and check your page you have that ad for that site right on your Facebook page.

You can also target people that took specific actions on your page: clicked a specific link, searched for an item, subscribed to your email list, or added an item to their shopping cart.

68% of people that add items to their cart don’t actually buy anything. People that are re-targeted have a 70% retention rate, and spend 5x more than the average shopper.

Who doesn’t love closing more customers, without physically having to lift a finger, am I right?! You get the analytics to help manage your audiences for your other ads and you can re-target people that went to your website, and its free? SIGN ME UP!

How do you add the Pixel to your Website?

To get started with the Facebook Pixel: Login to your Facebook Business Manager account. If you don’t have a Facebook Manager account setup yet go to https://business.facebook.com and create one. Then, navigate to the Pixels tab at the top. You can easily create your own Pixel with one click. Then, you can view instructions on how to install the pixel base code and even codes on your website.

Just in case my description doesn’t go into enough detail Oberlo does a great job at explaining it in a short video – I will post the link below.

I could Geek out all day and go into the specifics about the amazing benefits of using the Facebook Pixel and how you are seriously missing out on potential business by not using it. But think of the Facebook Pixel like this: Instead of spending $3,000 a month (at least) on ONE billboard on the highway knowing that 90% of the people passing by are not interested in what you are saying or selling. This is a billboard that is directed for someone who has already showed interest in your business because they were already on your website. When they leave your website, they go back to Facebook – and then are continuously shown your ads on the platform reminding them to come back to your business.

What are some features of the Facebook Pixel?

The Pixel is actually really cool. There are so many things you can do with it & the information it gives you is priceless. You can even go so far as to specializing your ads to re-target off of specific links that they click. If you’re a car dealership & they click on the new 2019 Nissan Altima – when they go back to Facebook, BOOM! Nissan Altima ad.

Life Coach with a new event coming up? Someone clicks on the link of your upcoming dates – BOOM! Ad with your next upcoming event. Want to entice them to come back and ‘shop now’? Offer them a 10% off coupon with an expiration date.

Doesn’t the Facebook Pixel sounds like a tool your business needs?

Facebook Pixel is perfect for your business. bring it up in your next marketing meeting

If you need some help getting your Social Accounts in order – read on!

What is the purpose of a Social Media Audit?

The answer is simple: Your website and your social media accounts go hand in hand. If you don’t have a website that is appealing to your clients/future customers and they don’t see where they can follow your social profiles above the fold (above the fold just means before they have to scroll down on your page). Then you are going to have less people follow your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Doing an audit takes an in depth look at your website and social profiles on all of the major platforms to show what is doing great, what could be improved, and maybe some tools that you never thought of using before.

Why do you want your business to be active on Social Media?

A lot of businesses in the Covington-Greater New Orleans area don’t seem to be very active on their Social Media Business Accounts. Posting maybe once a month, or at best once a week. Studies show that when businesses stay active on their social media accounts, update their information, and generate more content shares tend to rank better than websites that don’t. (Neil Patel)  The more you can get your brand out there in a positive way, it doesn’t hurt!

Here are some ways that you can stay active on Social Media

social media marketing in covington

Being active on Social Media doesn’t have to be all work and no play. If you are not a Social Media Marketer, have no fear!  

  • In a B2B business, people love to see that you are a real business. Showing pictures of you and your staff, office birthdays, and even the office pet are a good way to get engagements from your Audience. Really like cat-videos on youtube? Share it! Chances are you have a few like-minded individuals in your group that are likely to enjoy it and share it with their friends.
  • Need topics to be able to share with your audience? Using a tool such as buzzsumo you can search relevant topics related to your niche. They are perfect for social shares!
  • Sharing different items on different platforms is also a way to get people to keep up with you on each platform. So, while you can share the same picture, or link on each platform – changing it up a little bit keeps your brand fresh in your audiences eyes.

Why do my rankings matter?

With the price of Facebook ads and Google advertising continuing to go up, being ranked on the first page of google is looking better for businesses every day. When you are ranked on the top of google without the green box that says [ad] you are there for free. All it takes is some hard work and dedication. And the best part? Once you are there, it is very hard to take you away as long as you keep up with proper SEO etiquette. Higher rankings on google = more visitors on your page which in turn ends up with more people checking you out on your Social Profiles.

Lets face it, in the digital world we are in today: People are checking you out socially before they buy.  So when they go from your website back to Facebook to check your business out, and then continuing to browse the platform– they continuously receive subtle reminders not to forget about you.

digital marketing & SEO  in Covington LA

Ad Hack for Facebook and Google

The #1 thing I recommend to all of my clients, and anyone who will listen is to have your Facebook Ad (or Google) attached to a landing page and not going to your website’s homepage. When you bring people back to the homepage and not directly to the area you want them to go in – they can get lost and confused by all of the information being spewed at them. What happens when they get lost and confused? They click off the page, never to return. So having a good landing page/sales funnel set up is the best way to get guests converted into customers.

As you can see the Facebook Pixel is an extremely powerful tool. If you are a not using the Facebook Pixel for your business that isn’t using it, you are missing out. If you don’t understand how to download the Pixel on your website, your Webmaster can do it for you. Too busy or Don’t have a webmaster? My Company Twinning Pros can  do this for you.

Why you need to use Social Media with your Vacation Rental Company

Why you need to use Social Media with your Vacation Rental Company

As a Vacation Rental Company do you know where can you reach billions of people in the same place? Social Media. Every single day Billions of people use Facebook, Instagram,
Pinterest, Youtube and more to conjure up dream vacations, look for travel
deals, and get tried-and-true advice on where to stay.

Using Social Media as a Vacation Rental Company 

When you use social media specifically for your vacation
rental company it gives you and opportunity to interact with guests before and
after their stay. The guests cane use their social media to post their own
pictures and experience which can prove to be free advertising on multiple
platforms, help shape your brand, and grow your internet presence.

As a Vacation Rental Company your business is built on
creating guest connection and guest experience that are exactly what they
wanted and more. Social media gives you the opportunity to accomplish this, but
it takes a little work.


Facebook has over 242 million Users just in North America alone, it’s the best place for your business. It’s the hub for every age and demographic. You need to POST OFTEN and STRATEGICALLY. Many people make this mistake. They create a Facebook page and might post once a month, or even once a year. This is a waste of your time and efforts. Facebook can be such a great tool if you utilize it. It is a one-stop-shop where people can see a place and photos, learn great things about your rentals, and see how other guests felt about using your company, interact with the company, and so much more! Interacting with guests leads to reviews. When you interact with customers promptly and professionally with impeccable customer service. People are more than likely to book with you.

Best Practices for taking advantage of Facebook for your Vacation Rental Company: 

  • Stay active – we suggest posting about once a day
  • Post relevant, traveler-focused content – from links to events in your area to articles about how to pack, etc.
  • Respond to reviews, comments, and inquiries in a timely manner
  • Share seasonal photos so travelers can picture themselves at your home all year


  • Creating a business and sharing photos is just the start for Instagram. The content shared needs to be on brand with your company and promote user-generated content. User-generated content is content that is created by an interaction with your account, such as a comment or re-post. Pictures of your property, High-quality photos of local attractions, and pictures of guests enjoying their stay with your company are all good things to share so that future guests can see what it is like to experience a stay with your company. When you let guests know that you have an Instagram account, encourage them to tag you, or use a branded hashtag! Hashtags are incredibly important for your online presence.

Best practices for Taking advantage of Instagram for your vacation rental company:

  • Post once per day
  • Engage with your audience
  • Encourage guests to tag your company/properties
  • Use hashtags
  • Respond to comments and re-posts


Although posts are smaller on twitter, it is not to be left out. You can connect with so many different types of people. It used to be just for the younger generation, but now every day more and more users are joining the platform. People can connect with you to plan their stay, but also this is the platform to connect on a more personal level. Share travel tips, videos, etc. Do not only use twitter to sell, sell, sell. Twitter has a short attention span – but taking the extra time to speak with other users and share helpful tips and tricks about your area can help improve you audience.

Best practices for Taking advantage of Twitter for your vacation rental company:

  • Post often: Twitter is the one platform where it is acceptable to share multiple posts within a day.
  • Use video: The one way to connect with your audience when you have less to say is by using video – it’s the best way to attract  the attention of mobile users!
  • Respond to replies and retweets: Being kind and replying a simple thank you for retweeting your posts can go along way with making connections.


The power of Youtube is so under-rated. Video is so powerful right now and its is gaining more importance every day. “Did you know that Youtube is the second biggest search engine right now?” They have over 1 billion active users every month. When people want to learn something, they go to Youtube, If you aren’t the type to create videos to showcase everything in your area– the least you can do is to put the videos of your home that YOU ALREADY HAVE ON YOUR WEBSITE! I have worked with enough Vacation Rentals to know that they have the tools and pay a lot of money to get the videos and photos taken – they are just not connecting them on all of the platforms.

Best practices for Taking advantage of Youtube for your vacation rental company:

  • Post at least once per week
  • Showcase your rentals and your amenities, but also provide video of the area including restaurants and shops. You are showing
    people their dream vacation and showing them why they need to be there

As you can see there are so many benefits to using Social Media Platforms to boost the presence of your Vacation Rental Company. If you are too busy running a business and need someone to manage your online presence. Twinning Pros is the Digital Marketing Agency for you and your company! 

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