What is PPC Marketing?

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC stands for ‘Pay-Per-Click’ and it is a brand of marketing where you pay a fee for everyone that clicks on your advertisement. You are essentially paying for visitors to go to your website instead of earning those clicks organically using digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization.

PPC Marketing for your business in Digital Marketing

PPC advertising on search engines is one of the most popular forms of Digital marketing out there. The breakdown goes like this: You pick a keyword to place your ad, and then you bid to an amount to what you want to spend on your ad. When someone types in a keyword such as “Digital Marketing Agency Near Me” You might see Twinning Pros come up as one of the top ad spaces on the front page of google.


Social Platforms for PPC Marketing

There is quite a variety of Pay Per Click Marketing Platforms. We will discuss the top five main platforms where PPC Marketing performs very well those platforms being:

Google –

Google is the #1 Search Engine. The majority of people will automatically search for terms on google before going anywhere else, making it one of the best lead generating websites out there. Paying for advertising space here can be costly but this PPC platform is worth it in the long run.


Another Search Engine that has been around for a while is Bing. It happens to be preferred by most users and is gaining in popularity especially for marketers as Google’s main focus is to monopolize the digital world and keep people on their website as long as possible. With Bing being less competitive, it makes the ad space cheaper to purchase.


The third most popular Search Engine is Yahoo. It’s also been around for a long time, being some users main search engine. With it falling behind Bing and Google, you can capitalize on the right keywords at a cheaper rate than the other 2 search engines.


Social Media plays a big important role in the Pay-Per-Click Advertising Market. You can highly target your demographic market on Facebook and can therefore receive more views on your ad. Ever heard of the Facebook Pixel? This is the ultimate re-targeting tool to be able to get people who were already on your website to come back and purchase from you.


Youtube PPC Campaigns are growing in popularity. With Youtube being owned by Google, Youtube has become the #2 Search Engine out there. In today’s on-the-go society, watching a quick video to learn their topic of choice is easier than reading 1,000 word blog articles. Which also works better for advertising as well. If you can give a quck 1 -2 minute video to attract your keyword friendly audience then Youtube is for you!

The difference between Social Media and Search Engine PPC Campaigns is user-intent. On Search Engines the user has to type in the keyword or a variation of it in order to see your ad, on Facebook a user has to of just had an interest in the topic that you are targeting or just meet the demographics they are trying to target. On Social Media a person can click on the Ad just out of sure curiosity and on Search Engines with the user having more intent, is going to generate better leads for your business.

Keyword Research

Find your PPC ad target by doing keyword research

Keyword Research is probably the most important part about PPC Campaigns. You are paying for people to click on your ‘keywords’ so you want them to be worth the money. You can bid to be competitive in high interest markets, or you can do your research and find the long-tail version of those keywords which are still searched for, less competitive and therefore cost less money. Which gives you the more bang for your buck!

Managing Campaigns 

During your PPC campaigns you need to continue to research keywords that are important to your campaign. Along with keyword research you need to review your active PPC campaign. You need to keep what is working and change what isn’t.  Bidding for keywords that are expensive and under-performing are a waste of your time and you need to replace them with keywords that do work.

Benefits of PPC

One of the main benefits of PPC is that you can essentially buy your way to top rankings. A plus side to this is that you can A) Buy rankings until you can earn them organically or B) Buy rankings in the Ad space even if you are top ranked – to ensure your website gets more views.

Why use PPC over other forms of marketing

Using PPC Marketing over other forms of marketing leaves your possibilities endless

If you follow the steps correctly, do your keyword research and bid for the keywords you know you can get business from: then you know the amount you spend on pay-per-click advertising is irrelevant because the amount you can get from the lead should be at least twice that amount.

PPC can be one of the greatest tools at your disposal. You can generate leads by being the top rated ad on the first page of google, while also being the top ranked organic listing on Google as well. The more times a current or prospective customer sees your name on the front page of google, the more authority they give your business/website and the more chances of them becoming and actual customer.

Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks by Twinning Pros

Wanting to start a PPC Marketing campaign of your own and don’t know where to start? Twinning Pros is here to help! Pay Per Click Marketing is one of our specialties and we are happier than ever to guide you on your Digital Marketing/PPC Journey!

Pay-Per-Click, Is It worth it?

Pay-Per-Click, Is It worth it?

Pay Per Click Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Twinning Pros

Is Pay Per Click Marketing Worth It?

Pay Per Click Marketing is definitely worth it: It’s an opportunity to get clicks on your website to promote your brand and the ROI is usually $2 for every $1 spent when done correctly.

Like most of us, the thought of having to pay for someone just to see our product kind of sounds like a waste of money. You don’t know who is going to be looking at your products, you hope they will be interested. But in reality, you just don’t really know. That’s why this post is going to debunk the myth of pay-per-click marketing and see if it is worth it to you.

What is pay-per-click marketing?

PPC is a way of purchasing clicks on your website instead of earning those clicks organically through the search engines. Using your money to sort of ‘cheat the system’ to get people who have purchase intent to see your website.

Why use PPC marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing is a unique marketing tool. Although you have to pay for the clicks on your campaign – search engines don’t just reward the highest bidder, they reward the person with the highest quality of ads.

How is it good for you?

PPC Marketing is good for you because people are already using search engines such as Google to find the products that they are looking for. Research shows that searchers click on paid ads more than any other type of digital marketing.

Is it worth the money?

Each keyword is different, some can be more competitive making them more expensive. That is why doing keyword research is key to finding the bang for your buck! I know you’re asking why is it worth it, but the honest truth is – what is a lead worth to you?


Dentist in Covington – The cost per click is $7.10. The number of people searching for a dentist in Covington is $1,300. The average teeth cleaning costs $125 is one of the cheaper dental services. So let’s say each lead could bring in a dentist $125. Let us say 50% of those people clicked on the ad.

600 clicks – $4,260 but maybe half of those clicks were actually converted into customers.

300 clicks x $125 teeth whitening service = $37,500.

$37,500 services – $4,260 expense – $33,240 profit.

I don’t know about you, but I would say it is worth it!

Another way PPC to utilize PPC

PPC can also go hand in hand with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It is a great way to get your name seen by more people (also making your competition less seen). Also, if you don’t have the first page rankings because you are just starting out in your SEO journey, PPC is a great way to get your name to the top while you wait for the organic results to follow.

Whether you are just starting out your business, or if your business is fully established Pay Per Click Marketing is the perfect tool to get you great results. If you produce high-quality content and high-quality products the digital marketing world is your oyster.  

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